What You’ll Find Here:

This is a judge­ment free zone. I don’t expect any­thing from you as a vis­i­tor on my web­site. If there is some­thing here that can help you, give you insight, or make you laugh, then I have done what I set out to do with this site. If noth­ing I’ve writ­ten appeals to you, that is okay too. Regard­less, I wish you noth­ing but good for­tune and hap­pi­ness along your own ongo­ing pilgrimage.

About The Grawlyn’s Way

I didn’t do a very good job of lis­ten­ing as a kid. I heard every­thing my Papaw told me, but I didn’t imple­ment those things very well. 

“Jack of all trades; mas­ter of none,” he would tell me after I’d tell him about my 100th new hob­by I want­ed to try that week. That was one of those “Papawisms” I nev­er tru­ly implemented. 

(In his defense, he prob­a­bly had nev­er heard the full quote. Click here to learn more).

However, that is why you’re here today.

You’re prob­a­bly here because I wrote some­thing that caught your inter­est. Maybe it was about ADHD, or some­thing per­tain­ing to reli­gion or the super­nat­ur­al, or maybe it was some­thing ran­dom that real­ly doesn’t mean anything. 

Either way, the longer you’re on this web­site, you’ll dis­cov­er that…

This website is a visual representation of the mosh pit that is my brain.

There isn’t one spe­cif­ic theme or top­ic that will be dis­cussed in my writ­ing. I’m not claim­ing to be an expert in any­thing I write about on this website.

I’m just a mil­len­ni­al who has a lot of inter­ests and opin­ions and an inabil­i­ty to keep qui­et about them; even when I prob­a­bly should.

Some­times it feels near­ly impos­si­ble to jug­gle every­thing going on in my head. It feels impos­si­ble to achieve every­thing I want in life. However…

The Grawlyn’s Way is exactly that: making a way when there seems to be none.

The Grawlyn’s Way is fig­ur­ing out where you want to go, then draw­ing your own map to get there. You might have to pull a pen out of your ass, but if it works, it works. 

The Grawlyn’s Way is work­ing hard to make a life worth liv­ing. Sit­ting on your ass isn’t going to get you what you want. 

The Grawlyn’s Way is find­ing a way to make life work in your favor, then help­ing those you see along the way who are strug­gling. Don’t be a door­mat, but don’t be an ass either. 

Click here to learn more about the origins of The Grawlyn’s Way.

My name is Mea­gan Ratliff.

Wel­come to my brain.

Thank you for join­ing me on this jour­ney to get­ting where I want to go. (Wher­ev­er that ends up being…)